Monday, April 23, 2007

PACEs Math- School of Tomorrow

PACEs are from School of Tomorrow and are similar to Lifepacs. There are 12 paces per subject, per year, where with LIFEPAC there are 10 books per subject per year.

We used PACEs for a half year to review fractions. PACES go over math in great detail, if you have a slow learner, this is great. There is lots of practice. If you have a fast learner, you can move fast through each math pace. You do not want the child to become bored, yet you want to make sure they are grasping the concept. They do have a placement test here which is online so you can find out where exactly to place your child in their math program.
You might also want to look at LIFEPAC to compare the two. Lifepac is having a 20% off April Sale. There aren't too many days left in April so if you decide on Lifepac, you have a few days left to get in on their sale. I have used Lifepac history and science but have not used the math. They do have a placement test online, which you can find at LIFEPAC website. Just don't forget.......
All Horizons Math and Language Arts Products Are 20% Off During April!

One more thing before I go, you can always order a book from each company and try them you can order them individually. That way you can compare the two side by side.

Happy Math Curriculum hunting!

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American Academy National Home School said...

With American Academy, they provide PACES curriculum to their students because they also use the curriculum of The School of Tomorrow that includes major subjects. Students will become goal oriented because they will be responsible in setting the number of paces they want to finish in a day. Since the paces are easy to understand, they will be masters of the program in no time.