Friday, April 20, 2007

Saxon Math

Saxon Math is a good program. In each lesson, they review other lessons, so the child doesn't forget. In each lesson, next to each problem is a reference lesson number, so the child can go back and find that lesson and review if they have forgotten. This has come in handy for us.
With Saxon in the upper grades, you have Geometry already incorporated in so there will not be a need for you to use a separate Geometry course. Cathy Duffy covers this in her curriculum manual (see link in previous blog or see home school stores links on right) However you will need to go up to Algebra two for a complete Geometry course. You can skip the Geometry problems and then in between Alg 1 and Alg 2 Get a Geometry course. Cathy Duffy does cover this information, she is a great resource and has been for me for many years.
You can order a DIVE CD to go with your Math Curriculum starting in 54. DIVEs are very reasonably priced for $50.00 at the time I am putting up this blog post. For those of you who are familiar with Video Math programs, you know this is a GREAT price. My daughter has reviewed all of the other math video programs and doesn't want to venture away from the DIVE. The teacher is humorous, a christian, and he doesn't sound like a "machine" as my daughter says.
For those unfamiliar with Saxon, when picking which curriculum your child should be in, please go to Saxon Home school and complete a placement test. This will insure that your child is starting Saxon in the place they need to. This is very important in math as you do not want to create any gaps in their education. Saxon 54 means it is for the average 5th grade math student or an advanced fourth grade student.
Saxon online also has an email set-up for students with questions on their math problems, which is great! Sometimes in math if someone else explains it, it finally clicks.
If you have any other questions regarding Saxon Math, please go to their online site Saxon Home school they have a great FAQ page.

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