Monday, April 16, 2007

Curriculum Planning Time

Well it is the time of year for us homes choolers to start planning for the next year. Most of us are administrating our yearly tests (if required by state) and looking at new curriculum.
My advice is to make sure you don't become a curriculum junkie, what is a curriculum junkie? It is a home school Mom who keeps changing curriculums every year thinking she may have found something better. If you have something that works, why change it. If you change curriculum too much you will create gaps in your child's education. Especially in Math, English, and Reading curriculum's. Science, history, and health are subjects where you can explore different avenues without affecting the child's education. In the younger grades, stick to just reading books on history, science and health and get them from your local library. Then about 4th grade level, switch to textbooks if you like. You can design your own curriculum with books from the library using Kathryn Stout's Design a Study Guides. You can get them at Rainbow Resource for a decent price too. This is one of my favorite places to shop. Request a catalog from them, it is jam packed with information about every kind of curriculum you could imagine.
Another type of curriculum that home schoolers love is Sonlight curriculum. It is a literature based curriculum and all of the planning is done for you. You can just concentrate on your children then and not the planning. A lot of the books you can get from the library and they code those with a certain code so you know which ones ahead of time you need to buy and which ones you don't. It helps save you money in the meantime.

Over the next week, I will pick each subject apart and tell you what has succeeded for us and what hasn't and why. Have a great day and happy homeschooling!

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