Friday, May 25, 2007

Math U See

Well I have to give Math U See the greatest recommendation. I just ordered it to try it with my kid and it went great! We have been using Saxon for many years and there has always been a struggle. We have gotten math done now for two days in a row and no complaining. 100% on first assignment we did. I truely recommend them. You can check them out at They have placement tests online for you to do. Also, you can order a sample DVD to check them out. If you have a struggling child, or a hands on child, I would recommend it to you. I will keep you posted as we are doing math over summer break, but it truely is enjoyable to do. I love math and have always been good at it, but it is even cooler to SEE the math in action.
I purchased ours on Ebay and got a great deal. You can also check out the stores links on the side of my blog to purchase it too. Look around till you find the best deal.
Have a great day!

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